As a sports and entertainment company, Madison Sports Inc. has the ability through the vast network of celebrity contacts to utilize and develop promotional programs that are highly successful  for our corporate clients.

Celebrities that we have worked with in the past included, James Caan, Tony Sirico (The Sopranos), Joe Namath, Larry Bird, Paul Sorvino, Kevin Dobson, Lee Mazzilli, Yogi Berra, Joe Montana, Magic Johnson, Joe Torre, Derek Jeter, Roger Clemens, Bill Parcells, Senator Bill Bradley, Nancy Lopez, Carmen Electra, Paula Abdul (American Idol), Gabriella Reise, Pamela Anderson and others. Through the programs we developed, each celebrity has been represented for personal appearances, product endorsements, distribution of autographed memorabilia, television and radio projects and motivational speeches. 

Our steady increase in sales volume over the past 25 years, Madison's success in this area is attributed to the following, commitment, dedication, and value that we have with the clients as well as celebrity representation.

Our wide range of services will help you pick what your looking for. 

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